These false teachings of Jesus returning.  Allows an easy path for the antichrist, to convince millions
that he is Christ returned to persecute sinners!
They will hunt and kill the true saints!

Premillennialism is a theory unproved and
incapable of proof. It contradicts, denies, and
undermines many essential truths of the gospel.
Every true Christian must oppose it.

  Actually the Rapture is a theological delusion, a figment of the imagination, a spin-off of the illusory and vain theories of Premillennialism. It is false in all of its parts. It is based on the allegation that the return of Christ will usher in a millennial reign in which Christ will occupy an earthly throne in Jerusalem and that immediately prior to these events he will secretly take out of the world his saints for a period of seven years (during which time a great Tribulation will fall upon the ungodly who are left behind), and following which he will return to earth,
establish his kingdom and rule in regal splendor over a material and earthly kingdom.

   No essential element of the "Rapture" theory is true.
(1) It seeks support for the "catching away" of the saints in I Thessalonians 4:15-18, but this passage deals with the final return of Christ, when the saints will indeed be "caught away" from the earth but FOREVERMORE, and not for seven years.
(2) Neither here, nor elsewhere in the Bible, is the faintest suggestion of a secret or public rapture of seven years.
(3) The Thessalonians scriptures conclusively prove that the Lord will never actually
PUT HIS FOOT ON THIS EARTH AGAIN; his appearing will be on the clouds from which he will call the saints away from the earth.
(4) There will be no earth here from the time of catching away of the saints since this earth following that event will perish in the fires of the Last Great Day.
(5) The "new heaven and earth" to which the saints will be carried is identified in
John 14:2 as that place where out Lord now is preparing "a place" for us and to which he will take us at the end of the age.

(6) Far from BEGINNING his reign and establishing an earthly kingdom at his return, he will END his reign and "deliver up" the kingdom to his Father when he returns on the clouds.
   The contrast between the Premillennial theory and the teaching of the scriptures is easily seen.

A perfect setup by the church to accept the Antichrist as Jesus. This false teaching allows the antichrist to be easily accepted by the religious people who are already being led by the spirit of the antichrist running the churches.   It could not be any easier than this.  They are primed and waiting for Jesus to return and rule with them for 1,000 years with an iron rod over those who do not believe. They have their interruption of the bible to back them. Sounds like the Rome in the dark ages? 

1. Christ is NOT now reigning                           1. Christ is now reigning (
1 Corinthians 15:25)
2. Christ will BEGIN his reign at his return.      2. Christ will END his reign at his return (
1 Corinthians 15:28)
3. Christ will start a kingdom at his return.        3. Christ kingdom will stop at his return. (
I Corinthians 15:24)

Events of the last day and their order are:
1. The dead, both righteous and wicked, will be raised. (
John 5:28,29)
2. The judgment will follow. (
Revelation 20:12-15)
3. The saints will be carried to heaven, the wicked sent to hell.
Matthew 25:41-46)
4. Christ will give his kingdom to God. (
1 Corinthians 15:24)
5. The earth will disappear in the consuming fires of the judgment of God upon the wicked world. (
2 Peter 3:10)

Not a scripture in the entire Bible that states Christians are removed before the tribulation. Or that Jesus is here during tribulation. Jesus returns at the end of tribulation.
Jesus never again touches earth. The Saints will suffer through the tribulation, as did the disciples, teaching salvation. 

These false teachings of Jesus returning.
Allows an easy path for the antichrist,
to convince millions that he is
Christ returned to persecute sinners!
They will hunt and kill the true saints!

Revelation was written to the persecuted saints of the first century to reassure them that neither Rome nor the devil would
destroy the church. Though some would die for their faith, the saints will be victorious and enjoy the glories of heaven. The message is an encouragement to the church today because it helps us see we, too, will ultimately triumph over Satan and the grave. 

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